Digital Awareness

Digital Awareness for Parents, Families

Social Media use, Sexual Harassment, Cyberbullying, Phones, Digital Citizenship

SPUSD with tremendous support from SPEF is committed to helping our students become aware of their Digital Citizenship. This year they’re working with updated Common Sense Media courses, teaching students how to be good citizens online.

History teacher Mr. Andrew Adanto is leading the middle school students: 6th grade students have 6 classes with him during homeroom; 7th and 8th grade students get ‘refresher’ assemblies over the course of the year.

The school’s official policy and practice has information HERE.

The “Family Tip Sheets” (links below) from CommonSense Media provide strategies to help students use technology and digital devices in a safe, healthy way.  These tip sheets are meant to spark conversation between parents/caregivers and children.

Please feel free to download any or all of them.

1_Digital Life

2_Safe Online Talk

3_Boys and Girls and Media Messages


5_Dealing with Digital Drama

6_Privacy and Digital Footprints

7_Protecting and Respecting Privacy

8_Strategic Searching

9_Online Security

10_Online Research

11_Respecting Creative Work

12_Self-Expression and Identity

AWARE Sessions – Videos

Each Session has been edited for brevity.

Session ONE

Session TWO

Session THREE

Session FOUR

Session FIVE

Session SIX