Technology Awareness for Parents and Families

Social Media use, Sexual Harassment, Cyberbullying, Phones, Digital Citizenship

As a companion piece to  SPMS PTA’s AWARE courses for parents and guardians we will also be providing tips and tools for conversation that you can have with your children.  We will be sending a monthly “Family Tip Sheet” from CommonSense Media.  Each tip sheet provides strategies to help students use technology and digital devices in a safe, healthy way.  These tip sheets are meant to spark conversation in the home or around the dinner table.   As we develop this program additional resources will be available and we will have some instruction on campus as well.

The following are links to each Tip Sheet.  If you would like to “jump ahead” and begin discussing these issues with your child now, please feel free to download any or all of these Tip Sheets now.

1_Digital Life

2_Safe Online Talk

3_Boys and Girls and Media Messages


5_Dealing with Digital Drama

6_Privacy and Digital Footprints

7_Protecting and Respecting Privacy

8_Strategic Searching

9_Online Security

10_Online Research

11_Respecting Creative Work

12_Self-Expression and Identity


AWARE Sessions – Videos

Each Session has been edited for brevity.

Session ONE

Session TWO

Session THREE

Session FOUR

Session FIVE

Session SIX